Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Corset Training/ waist Training for sexy Hour Glass Figure

Hey everyone, Thank you for again for stopping by for this video. I have been seriously so patient (NOT) to film this video for you all. I watched my friend Rocio"s video on Youtube regarding the same topic and kind of almost immediately fell in love with the video and waist trainer… After long searching I found my corset. I believe its similar to hers. We both however purchased from two different sites. So I wanted to train my waist for kind of shape it more. because prior to that I had a very sloppy boyish body figure. And after wearing the corset, I have really been seeing a change in the way my body looks. this will help you get the sexy kim K, beyonce, Nikki kind of a body. So I though I can go ahead and also share my experience with you all as well. To begin here is a link to my friends video.


Here is a direct link to the one I purchased. Also before making your purchase please make sure you measure right and get the right corset:


Here are also other videos on How I"ve been losing weight:

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Can one sleep with the corset one?

Yes but it is very uncomfortable. I"ve done it and hated it. LOL

Can I use this trainer to workout in?

No considering this is steal boning you cannot. They have special workout ones available that are flexible.


When can you begin corset training?
Corset training does not have a age limit of when one can start however I would best suggest anyone who is above 20. Before that It can be more damaging.

Weight Loss?
This is not a diet or a weight loss plan. Using a corset for waist training is exactly that - training your waist into a new shape. You still need to live a healthy and active lifestyle to lose any weight. This is not a miracle solution. It will however help you feel full faster which may help with portion size but don"t do this alone with plans of losing weight.

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MUSIC Credits= A.N.O- Shivering Beauty

Corset Training/ waist Training for sexy Hour Glass Figure is courtesy of Vixen empire

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