Sunday, 29 May 2016

HOW TO WAIST TRAIN (Corset Train): Different Methods | Lucy"s Corsetry

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Timeline (click on time points to jump to that topic):

0:40 Romantasy"s "Roller Coaster" Method

3:00 Contour Corsets" "Cycle" Method

4:30 How many hours per day is suitable for training?

7:30 Which method is best? (My personal experience)

Romantasy "Roller Coaster" waist training method:

More detail (and sample of the scheduling):

The full 3-month waist training program (Ann helps with the type of corset you need, the schedule of training, also meal plans and exercise):

Corset Magic book/ waist training manual written by Ann Grogan:

Contour Corsets "Cycle" waist training method:

Heidi / Strait-Laced Dame"s article, "Time Spent in a Corset - What is "Just Right" for You"

My own videos/articles of relevance:

Waist training vs Tight Lacing (and suitable corsets for each):

My personal quest for the Perfect Corset:

Waist Training: how long will it take to see results?

What I"m wearing: Brocade ("wide hip") underbust by Restyle

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*Please note that this video contains my opinion and is provided for informational purposes.
It is not intended to replace the advice of a medical physician.
The factors discussed in this video are under the presumption that the waist trainer is in perfect health.
Please talk to your doctor if you"d like to start wearing a corset for any reason*

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